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What My Clients Are Saying

Gaby Lapera.jpg

Gaby Lapera

Editorial Content Strategist

Credit Karma

Jennifer is a dream to work with. Her articles are always on time, well written, and well sourced. She also frequently brings something extra to a piece. I'll ask for an article with a broad strokes outline, and she takes it and runs with it. I frequently ask myself, "Why didn't I think of that?" when reading her work. Jennifer also does a great job of communicating, which if you've ever hired a freelancer, you'll know is as uncommon as it is helpful. If you're still wondering whether to hire Jennifer for your next project after reading this and her other reviews, I don't know if you'll ever find someone because Jennifer is truly amongst the best. 

Jennifer has been a wonderful resource writing blogs for us at Ventura County Credit Union. Jennifer’s writing is thoughtful and sensible. She’s written about financial topics for us including car buying, credit cards and home buying to name a few. I enjoy working with Jennifer because she makes it easy with her professionalism, reliability and friendly nature. I appreciate that she asks follow up questions and does research to get the piece right. She’s always on time and has great follow through. Highly recommend her for any writing project you may need.

Mandi Evans.jpg

Amanda Evans

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ventura County Credit Union

Sean Egen.jpg

Sean Egen

Content Marketing Manager

Credit One Bank

Jennifer is one of my go-to freelance writers I depend on for a steady stream of content here at Credit One Bank. Since taking us on as a client, Jennifer has consistently delivered engaging articles for publication on our content hub, always on time and within budget. She has demonstrated impressive depth and subject-matter knowledge, covering diverse topics ranging from financial planning to building credit to traveling on a budget--always delivering information with a knowledgeable yet friendly tone of voice. Perhaps best of all, Jennifer requires very little direction or supervision, so I can just point her in the right direction and count on her to deliver a quality piece of work by the deadline. If you need a writer who can generate ideas and consistently deliver high-quality content, I highly recommend Jennifer. Just don't make her so busy that she no longer has time to write for me anymore!

I absolutely love working with Jennifer. She's responsive, always meets deadlines, doesn't hesitate to reach out with questions and is always open to feedback. In addition, her articles are always well-written, researched and sourced - making my job as an editor easy. She has a wide range of knowledge across financial topics, including auto financing and insurance, personal loans, savings products and credit. Anyone in need of quality content would be lucky to work with Jennifer! 

Becky Moran.jpg

Rebecca Moran

Assigning Editor

Credit Karma

Kelsey Waite.jpg

Jennifer's writing is top notch! She can take complex topics and explain them in straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Her pieces are always accurate and impressive. She is timely with deadlines, extremely communicative, and can adapt to any writing voice or style. Highly recommend!

Kelsey Waite

Marketing Manager

Homeowners Financial Group

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